Frequently Asked Questions

New client website

Our client website has recently undergone a major upgrade, along with a new mobile app for Apple and Android phones. Our quick reference guides can assist you:

If your question does not appear here, please email your questions/comments to [email protected].


I'm not a client of Morgans. How do I get access to your client site?

To access our client facilities, including research reports, you must first become a client. Your nearest adviser who will be able to arrange trial access. If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

I've forgotten my password and login. What do I do?

To reset your password, click here. You will be taken to the Morgans client website, where you can reset your password.

I am having problems with the size of the text on your site. How do I fix it?

To increase or decrease the magnification of a web page, press the Ctrl button and '+' (plus) button to zoom in or Ctrl and '-' (minus) to zoom out. To return the page to its original size, press Ctrl and '0'.

You can also scroll the mouse wheel up and down while holding Ctrl to increase/decrease zoom level.

I am using Internet Explorer 8 and getting an error when viewing the homepage or searching for an office. How can I fix this?

We have identified that this issue may be related to the fact that you do not have the latest security update from Microsoft.

Firstly, confirm whether you are using Internet Explorer 8 [Click on 'Help' and then 'About Internet Explorer' or the blue circle with the ? at the top of the browser].

If you are not using Internet Explorer 8, it is likely to be a different issue. Please contact our support staff for assistance.

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, follow the steps below to download and install the required Microsoft security update:

  1. Visit the Microsoft website
  2. Select "Download" and follow the prompts to install the update. [Note. It may require you to restart Internet Explorer.]
  3. Try the Morgans website again after completing the installation. Hopefully the issue is fixed.

If the problem still exists, please contact us for assistance.

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