Be a Super Traveller

By Jason Lund

Man with suitcase

There is nothing quite like the anticipation of a trip to somewhere new and exciting. The change of scenery, fresh experiences mixed with some uncertainty as you want your trip to go smoothly so that you can return safely and re-generated.

So, to ensure your travel plans are not thwarted by any unexpected hitches, we recommend following our travel preparation tips below:

Get travel insurance

There is a saying: "If you cannot afford travel insurance; you cannot afford to travel." Websites such as Canstar are a good place to review and compare options.

Have a travel budget

Post-holiday blues can be exacerbated by having a large credit card debt upon your return. Your Financial Planner can review your budget to assist you to stay on track.

Do your research

Visit Smartraveller to be informed and well prepared about the status of international destinations.

Get vaccinated

Consult your Doctor about vaccination requirements if you're travelling internationally.

Cater for seasonality

Understand the season in which you are travelling and appreciate local conditions such as weather, events, festivals and holidays at your chosen destination(s).

Research visa requirements

Arrange the appropriate visas and review the validity of your passport against a country's entrance requirements. My wife was once refused travel by an airline as her passport was one day shy of the required minimum of six months expiration period. This was almost an expensive oversight only saved by her father hand-delivering her 2nd nationality passport five minutes before check-in closed.

Make copies of your passport

As well as other identification documents, itineraries and credit cards. Take one copy with you, leave one with a friend and if you have a secure email, send these to yourself so you can potentially access them anywhere in the world. A copy of your passport can fast-track replacement if lost.

Work our payment methods

Establish how you will pay for items in the countries you will visit. Will you make withdrawals from ATMs or will you need to arrange for some local currency before you leave? If practical use cards more than cash. If you do use ATMs try and withdraw money in the day time. If you use cash wear your currency in several places on your body so that you lower the chance of losing all your money.

Consider if you will need your phone overseas

Having a phone can be a great way to keep in contact with friends, search for local attractions and access maps. If global roaming is prohibitive consider purchasing a local SIM Card.

Review your personal insurances

Consider for instance if your income protection policy has worldwide cover. Travel insurance can protect you financially to some degree when travelling but what about major events or serious illness where you might need substantial time away from work when you get home and have no accrued leave remaining?

Get your finances in order

Try and square away your personal finances before you leave. Ensure your regular payments are automated and that your cash accounts are well funded. There is nothing worse than executing an awesome travel budget and coming back to a series of late payment penalties.

Leave your work at home

Finally, if you are travelling for pleasure, avoid taking work away with you. You have earned some healthy downtime and will return more energised if you switch off for a while.

"Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else." - Lawrence Block

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