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Reporting Calendar

Our ASX company reporting calendar for August 2018 is available now, with reporting dates and our company comments.

For our analysis on companies that have already reported this reporting season, visit:

Note that reporting dates are subject to change, and will be updated as soon as possible: 

Ticker Company Name Rating Date Comments
ASX ASX Lmited REDUCE 17/08/2018 This should be a relatively strong FY18 result due to good IPO activity and strong futures trading volumes.
JIN Jumbo Interactive ADD 17/08/2018 Having already guided the FY18 result, investors will be keen to hear comments on potential future capital returns to investors.
LNK Link Administration Holdings ADD 17/08/2018 The FY18 result should be broadly stable. We expect a lot of focus to be on what management plans to do with LNK's significant excess capital levels.
PRY Primary Health Care HOLD 17/08/2018 FY18 NPAT guidance between A$92-97m may prove optimistic, with Medical Centres continuing its slow grind to profitability and new GP model. 
WLD Wellard HOLD 17/08/2018 Will deliver a much improved underlying EBITDA result and is likely to exceed its A$10m overhead reduction target. Should highlight improving operating conditions.
ANN Ansell  ADD 20/08/2018 FY18 EPS guidance of US$0.96-1.01 should be achievable, with a strong 2H on a new channel strategy and moderating raw material headwinds.
FMG Fortescue Metals ADD 20/08/2018 We have seen initial signs of discounts improving. Either way FMG is likely to put up strong earnings. Dividend hard to predict given flexibility in div policy.
NHF NIB Holdings HOLD 20/08/2018 See result risk to the upside given low claims utilisation trends across the health insurance sector.
RHP Rhipe HOLD 20/08/2018 Should beat their guidance for >$7m operating profit.
SLC Superloop ADD 20/08/2018 Looking for traction in SG & HK sales and Bigair integration update.
WOW Woolworths HOLD 20/08/2018 The focus will be on LFL sales growth in the core supermarkets division which we expect to once again show outperformance against Coles. The performance of Big W will also be key with further large losses expected.
AMC Amcor HOLD 21/08/2018 We expect the result to be negatively impacted by higher raw materials costs, weaker beverage volumes in North America and mixed conditions in emerging markets. The key will be how these factors affect earnings in FY19.
ATL Apollo Tourism and Leisure ADD 21/08/2018 We expect an in-line result. Focus will be on the outlook for FY19 (guidance) and performance of recent acquisitions
BHP BHP ADD 21/08/2018 Expecting strong earnings and capital management momentum to continue. Balance sheet still strengthening, EBITDA margin >50%
CIP Centuria Industrial REIT HOLD 21/08/2018 Expect leasing update; FY19 guidance already provided
CMA Centuria Metropolitan REIT ADD 21/08/2018 Expect leasing update; FY19 guidance to be provided.
CRR Convenience Retail REIT ADD 21/08/2018 Expect general trading update and FY19 guidance to be provided.
FXL Flexigroup ADD 21/08/2018 Expect FY18 guidance to be met and FY19 guidance for 5-7% NPAT growth. An important result to show traction in the AU Cards division. Trading on a low PE, we think the stock should get traction on a solid outlook
HSO Healthscope HOLD 21/08/2018 Not expecting material changes, with recent portfolio review, FY18 downgrade (hospital division EBITDA A$340-345m), FY19 pre-guided (hospital division EBITDA at least 10%) and looming PE bids.
OSH Oil Search ADD 21/08/2018 Production has bounced back faster than expected from PNG LNG. 1H18 earnings will show mix of rising prices and lower volumes. Few surprises expected.
SUL  Super Retail Group HOLD 21/08/2018 We expect a relatively in line result, given the recent 43 week trading update and provision of base EBIT margin and Macpac guidance. Of key interest will be the outlook for FY19 (margin commentary) and if SUL’s three-year expectations for top-line and margin growth will be achieved.
SXY Senex Energy ADD 21/08/2018 Expect debt finance package close to secured. Improving earnings off a low base on higher oil price. Focus on progression of its 2x undeveloped gas projects.
WLL Wellcom Group ADD 21/08/2018 We expect guidance for further modest growth to follow recent client wins
A2M The A2 Milk Company ADD 22/08/2018 Result should be in line with guidance. Cashflow and balance sheet strength could surprise on the upside. Expect FY19 guidance to be reiterated. This is likely the first time we hear from the new MD, Jayne Hrdlicka. Looking for an update on market share, capital management, Fonterra strategic relationship and opportunity to invest in a new blending and canning facility
APA APA Group ADD 22/08/2018 Main SP driver is success of CK takeover proposal. FY18 expected to be a flattish earnings growth/high capex period, with growth from investment coming in FY19-20. FY18 DPS already disclosed. Look for first-time FY19 DPS guidance.
APE AP Eagers ADD 22/08/2018 NPBT guidance has been provided, however the result will reveal APE’s organic performance (negative) vs property profits and other (APE noted its underlying NPBT benefited from property sale profits in the period).
BAP Bapcor Group ADD 22/08/2018 We currently forecast 31% NPAT growth so expect a slight beat vs management guidance. Key will be the outlook for FY19 (we expect guidance of 10-15% growth)
CAR ADD 22/08/2018 The market will be looking for signs of revival in Stratton Finance and a positive lead from Korea for the stock to re-rate.
CCL Coca Cola Amatil HOLD 22/08/2018 While CCL is cycling a weak pcp, the 1H18 result is difficult to forecast given short term CCL may be a beneficiary of the slower than expected update of the CDS. However trading conditions in Indonesia & PNG have been tough. CCL also hasn't quantified how much of the A$40m reinvestment will fall in the 1H18 and impact its largest division, Australian Beverages.
CL1 Class ADD 22/08/2018 After recent downgrades expectations are low
CTD Corporate Travel ADD 22/08/2018 With FY18 guidance expected to be comfortably achieved, the market's focus will be on CTD's FY19 earnings guidance, an update on the Asia and US tech hubs and timing of future material acquisitions.
CWP Cedar Woods Properties HOLD 22/08/2018 FY18 guidance recently provided. Strong pre-sales should support a very strong FY19 outlook.
CWY Cleanaway Waste Management HOLD 22/08/2018 First-time consolidation of TOX into financial accounts. Mgmt has publicly commented that it is comfortable with market expectations for FY18 earnings growth. Look for first-time FY19 commentary.
DTL Data#3 HOLD 22/08/2018 Pre-released and PBT is expected to be down 8% yoy to A$20.4m.
HLO Helloworld Travel HOLD 22/08/2018 Attention will be on its FY19 EBITDA guidance and future growth strategy as its recent cost-out program matures
ICQ iCar Asia ADD 22/08/2018 Few surprises expected after recent 4C commentary.
IDR Indusria REIT HOLD 22/08/2018 Expect general trading update and FY19 guidance to be provided.
ING Inghams Group HOLD 22/08/2018 Expect a solid FY18 result. Looking for an update on capital management. The prospect of rising grain, electricity and gas costs along with competitor discounting in NZ could cause FY19 outlook commentary to disappoint. 
LOV Lovisa Holdings HOLD 22/08/2018 We expect a relatively in line result, with limited upside to current consensus estimates for FY18. Of key interest at the result will be the LFL sales exit rate in FY18 and c7 week trading update. We also expect an update regarding LOV’s trials in Spain, France and the US.
NCM Newcrest Mining HOLD 22/08/2018 Recovering Cadia operations will have a YoY hit on earnings, although reportedly tracking well. Our focus will be on margin and any new growth focus.
NSR National Storage REIT HOLD 22/08/2018 Expect general trading update and FY19 guidance to be provided
OTW Over The Wire ADD 22/08/2018 Looking for double digit organic growth and acquisition integration
RIC Ridley Corporation HOLD 22/08/2018 Result will be messy due to a poor rendering result (loss of Red Lea Chickens), property sales and the write-down of inventory associated with the lost Huon contract.
SYD Sydney Airport HOLD 22/08/2018 Pax growth pre-disclosed. CY/FY18 DPS guidance reaffirmed. Shouldn’t be much new since Investor Day in May. Look for comments on Productivity Commission inquiry, glide path of DPS into future tax paying period, and Masterplan 2039. 
TGP 360 Capital Group HOLD 22/08/2018 Expect general trading update.
VOC Vocus Group HOLD 22/08/2018 Guided to underlying EBITDA of $365-380m and negative FCF. Risk of further large writedowns this result under new CEO.
CAT Catapult Group ADD 23/08/2018 Solid growth in paying subscribers is needed to restore confidence.
CGR CML Group ADD 23/08/2018 Recent guidance provided. We expect current FY19 EBITDA guidance to be maintained, however the outlook for invoice purchasing volumes should be strong. 
CLH Collection House HOLD 23/08/2018 FY18 guidance recently provided. Focus will be on the group's ability to continue PDL sale transactions and the outlook for buying with the new Balbec partnership. 
CMW Cromwell Property Group HOLD 23/08/2018 Expect general trading update and FY19 guidance to be provided.
EPW ERM Power HOLD 23/08/2018 FY18 Outlook for key earnings drivers recently updated. Look for first-time FY19 Outlook. SP upside if EPW announces exit of USA Retailing.
FLT  Flight Centre HOLD 23/08/2018 We expect FLT to provide an update on the progress of its Business Transformation Program and do not expect FY19 earnings guidance until its AGM on 8 November
HPI Hotel Property Investments HOLD 23/08/2018 Expect general trading update and FY19 guidance to be provided.
LAU Lindsay Australia ADD 23/08/2018 Expect a strong earnings result with some upside risk to FY18 guidance of approximately 20% NPAT growth. 
NAN Nanosonics HOLD 23/08/2018 Transitioning to Trophon-2 will see FY18 close to break-even before growth resumes in FY19.
QUB Qube Holdings HOLD 23/08/2018 Guidance is for earnings growth. Background of strong container volume growth is beneficial for Patrick JV and Qube Logistics. Look for impact of weak grain season, MCS acquisition, and progress on Moorebank development.
RBL Red Bubble ADD 23/08/2018 Gross profit margins will be the main focus.
S32 South32 HOLD 23/08/2018 We are eager to see if S32 cost performance is continuing to underperform expectations. Has the biggest risk to disappoint this reporting season in our coverage.
SIQ Smartgroup HOLD 23/08/2018 Slight 2H skew expected this year (impacted slightly by integration opex). 1H18 result driven by solid organic growth and a full half of acquisitions. Focus will be on acquisition opportunities
SOM Somnomed HOLD 23/08/2018 Core business expected to continue solid growth in Europe and a return to growth in the US, although eyes remain firmly focussed on RSS centre performance and any changes in rollout plan / commentary.
STO Santos REDUCE 23/08/2018 Improved earnings from rising oil prices and focus on better balance sheet. Potential for STO to announce new gas growth initiatives/focus.
VVR Viva Energy REIT ADD 23/08/2018 Expect valuation update; FY18 guidance already provided.
WEB Webjet ADD 23/08/2018 The market will look for a strong FY18 result and we expect management will reiterate its 3-year booking growth targets for B2C and B2B with FY19 guidance not expected until its AGM on 21 November
WTP Watpac ADD 23/08/2018 Guidance for an operating loss and we also expect a decent mining asset impairment to be taken. Commentary on strategy post the failed bid; margins; and capital management will be the focus. 
AHG Automotive Holdings HOLD 24/08/2018 Guidance has been provided, however composition will be of interest (Auto vs RL). BS commentary and outlook for acquisitions will be a focus
APO APN Outdoor HOLD 24/08/2018  
BXB Brambles HOLD 24/08/2018 We expect the result to be impacted by higher plant and transport costs in US pallets, HFG JV losses and cessation of contracts in CHEP Australia. The key continues to be the extent to which cost headwinds can be passed onto customers.
CGC Costa Group HOLD 24/08/2018 The market expects a strong beat to FY18 NPAT-S guidance of approx. 25%. In the absence of announcing new acquisitions/growth projects, earnings guidance (typically 10% NPAT-S growth) could disappoint given its full valuation multiples. 
EGH Eureka Group HOLD 24/08/2018 Expecting a largely flat result on the pcp with numerous difficulties over the year. Detail around non-core asset divestments is key, as well as progress on replacement of CEO to provide direction
GDF Garda Diversified Property Fund ADD 24/08/2018 Expect general trading update and FY19 guidance to be provided.
MPL Medibank HOLD 24/08/2018 See result risk to the upside given low claims utilisation trends across the health insurance sector.
REG Regis Healthcare HOLD 24/08/2018 FY18 guidance calling for EBITDA ~$A120m with development pipeline driving FY19 growth.
SGR Star Group ADD 24/08/2018 A strong rebound in VIP activity should be a highlight of the result while the main gaming floor performances should be solid.
TGR Tassal Group HOLD 24/08/2018 FY18 earnings will benefit from a step change in production volumes and bigger fish sizes. Expect management will reiterate it expects to deliver continued profit growth in FY19. 
ADH Adairs ADD 27/08/2018 Given the recent provision of guidance, of most interest will be the top-line trajectory (LFL sales growth) over the last two months of FY18 and the 1H19 c7 week trading update (strong comps being cycled). 
GEM G8 Education ADD 27/08/2018 Expect trading update and FY18 guidance to be provided.
IFN Infigen Energy REDUCE 27/08/2018 Production and revenue data pre-disclosed. Look for (i) cost impact of Vestas O&M agreement, (ii) impact of refinancing, (iii) comments on forward prices, (iv) FID on new projects (running late), (v) distribution policy, and (vi) Brookfield’s intentions regarding its investment.
JHC Japara Healthcare HOLD 27/08/2018 FY18 guidance calls for NPAT down 25%, however recent acquisition should drive growth in FY19.
MVF Monash IVF Group HOLD 27/08/2018 Competition from low cost competitor is crimping growth which needs to improve
PWH PWR Holdings ADD 27/08/2018 We expect continued strong revenue growth in motorsports and OEMs. PWH is investing in further capacity which is positive for the longer term outlook. FX movements will also have an impact on the result.
SHJ Shine Corporate ADD 27/08/2018 We expect the company to report a result in-line with guidance. Of interest will be commentary on the market outlook for the emerging practice areas.
SHV Select Harvest HOLD 27/08/2018 FY18 result will show a material improvement on the pcp. Focus will be on management's commentary on industry fundamentals and the USD almond price. Beneficiary of a falling AUD
SKI Spark Infrastructure HOLD 27/08/2018 CY/FY18 DPS guidance reaffirmed at May AGM. Look for comments on (i) sustainability of DPS given recent regulatory decisions (WACC, tax), and (ii) start of tax paying. 
AX1 Accent Group REDUCE 28/08/2018 We think consensus forecasts look readily achievable in FY18 (modest upside risk). We think a solid beat is required to see the stock re-rate off the current 19x FY19F PE.
BKL Blackmores HOLD 28/08/2018 FY18 NPAT guidance for "good growth" is vague and increases the likelihood of share price volatility on results day. 
FDV Frontier Digital Ventures ADD 28/08/2018 No surprises likely after recent market update.
IPD ImpediMed ADD 28/08/2018 Peer reviewed publications and heart failure data are both key to driving the share price.
LVH LiveHire ADD 28/08/2018 After a weak half year for new client signings, the market will focus on commentary on the pipeline for new clients.
VRT Virtus Health HOLD 28/08/2018 Forecasting 14% EPS growth for FY18 in line with consensus. Overseas acquisition should offset low cost domestic competition.
BAL Bellamys HOLD 29/08/2018 The market expects a positive FY18 result will be achieved. Focus will be on FY19 earnings guidance and an update on its CFDA application. 
FTT Factor Therapeutics ADD 29/08/2018 Top line Phase 2b venous leg ulcer results due October is key.
NBL Noni B  ADD 29/08/2018 Recently provided FY18 sales and EBITDA guidance.
ONT 1300SMILES ADD 29/08/2018 Double digit growth expected with a return to acquisitions over the year after a prolonged period. General commentary is expected to be in line with previous reports (industry under stress) with particular focus on the new and emerging corporates in the space.
SRX Sirtex Medical HOLD 29/08/2018 FY18 EBITDA guidance downgraded to bottom of the range (A$75-85m), but immaterial as it's under a A$33.60 bid by China-based CDH investments…unless of course The Committee for Foreign Investment in the US (CFIUS) objects.
ALX Atlas Arteria ADD 30/08/2018 HY traffic and toll revenue data pre-disclosed. Costs will thus be the focus. CY/FY18 DPS guidance is 24 cps. Look for updates on APRR group interest costs and debt amortisation strategy, any strategies from new CEO, and progress on internalisation.
BUB Bubs Australia HOLD 30/08/2018 Will report strong headline revenue growth due to organic improvement in the base Bubs business and a six month contribution from NuLac Foods. Looking for commentary on the progress of its CFDA application (still to be lodged). 
FNP Freedom Foods REDUCE 30/08/2018 FNP recently downgraded its FY18 guidance and provided FY19 sales guidance of A$500-530m
MWY Midway ADD 30/08/2018 Should deliver a materially improved 2H result. Expect management to reiterate favourable woodchip pricing environment and provide a positive update on recent acquisitions. Beneficiary of a falling AUD.
NTD National Tyre & Wheel ADD 30/08/2018 We expect a strong maiden result from NTD supported by volume growth driven by increased passenger volumes. Key to the result will be commentary regarding the current levels of industry competition and the acquisition landscape.
PPT Perpetual HOLD 30/08/2018 Equity markets rose 2% for the half, although they did dip during the period. We think this means PPT's result will be uninspiring, with arguably some earnings growth pressure.
RHC Ramsay Health Care HOLD 30/08/2018 Recent downgrade (core EPS c7%, cA$2.81) and UK asset write down locks-in FY18 results, but the FY19 outlook may prove less than favourable. 
SFR Sandfire Resources REDUCE 30/08/2018 Focus remains on SFR possible growth options beyond the Degrussa mine life.
TPE TPI Enterprises HOLD 30/08/2018 Revenue guidance of A$50m, with improving GM and operating leverage on increased volumes. 
MX1 Micro-X  ADD 30/08/2018 Commentary around early sales from carestream is key.
RAP ResApp Health ADD 30/08/2018 Key respiratory US trial result is due to read out in August. 
ACF Acrow Formwork ADD TBA The key will be the deployment of new formwork growth assets into NSW and VIC and outlook for civil infrastructure activity.
AFG Australian Finance Group ADD TBA Expecting result to be better than consensus. Focus will be on white label growth as well as progress on SME front.
AJD Asia Pacific Data Centre HOLD TBA Potential update on sale of portfolio which has been recently revalued.
BGA Bega Cheese HOLD TBA Result should be in line with guidance for EBITDA of A$105-115m. Looking for an update Koroit sale process.
COE Cooper Energy ADD TBA Improved EBITDA on realised oil price, however primary focus remains on progress of flagship Sole development
EHL Emeco Holdings ADD TBA Focus with be on the trajectory of rates and utilisation, and integration of recent acquisitions.
EVN Evolution Mining HOLD TBA  
GDG Generation Development Group ADD TBA We expect sales growth in the fourth quarter to remain above >50% on pcp. We remain comfortable with our A$1.5m FY18 profit target. Evidence of further benefits from scale is a key result focus for us.
IEL IDP Education HOLD TBA Expect an in-line result. Focus will be regarding the outlook for margins and volume benefits from digitalisation strategy.
KPG Kelly Partners Group HOLD TBA Expect a slight beat to FY18 prospectus numbers. The focus will be on KPG's ability to make acquisitions over the next 12-24 months.
KSL Kina Securities ADD TBA We expect the 1H18 result to be stable and show the company is tracking a record profit this year. This could drive the share price closer to the IPO price (A$1) in our view.
MDL Mineral Deposits ADD TBA
MFG Magellan Financial Group HOLD TBA Strong result with management fees up +24%. Focus will be on outlook commentary around flows and traction of new product offerings.
MHJ Michael Hill HOLD TBA While MHJ has reported its top-line performance, we expect margins have remained subdued over the 2H. Risk to our EBIT forecast in FY18.
MMI Metro Mining ADD TBA  
MTO Motorcycle Holdings ADD TBA MTO has recently provided EBITDA guidance. Key will be outlook commentary for the new motorcycle sales environment.
NXT NEXTDC HOLD TBA Key outlook driver will be whether material contract wins have been signed.
ORE Orocobre ADD TBA
PPE People Infrastructure ADD TBA This will be the company's first FY result since listing in late 2017 and we currently sit ahead of prospectus forecasts due to the Recon acquisition. 
RRL Regis Resources REDUCE TBA
RWC Reliance Worldwide ADD TBA We expect FY18 underlying growth to once again be driven by continued PTC penetration in the US and good cost control. Earnings will also be boosted by the Holdrite acquisition while the FY19 outlook will include John Guest earnings.
SDA Speedcast HOLD TBA Key focus will be free cash flow and O&G customer uplift.
SDG Sunland Group ADD TBA Expect general trading update; FY19 guidance usually given with AGM in Nov.
SIV Silver Chef HOLD TBA Expect messy FY18 result and large headline loss. Focus will be on the underlying performance of Hospitality division: outlook for credit quality and domestic volumes. 
SVY Stavely Minerals ADD TBA  
XIP Xenith IP Group HOLD TBA Following a weak 1H18 result we remain cautious on XIP and expect the result to be at the bottom of the guidance range.