Fixed Interest

As a Morgans client you can access our detailed research on both listed and unlisted securities including product summaries, key recommendations and model portfolios.

We publish fixed interest research each week day in The Daily Fix, which provides timely information on market and company events as well as security pricing and recommendations.

Alternatively you can access weekly updates featuring key events and detailed research on companies, as well as educational research, model portfolios and our analysis of the latest security issues.

You can subscribe to these reports and receive notifications when the latest research and recommendations are published.


Diversification and Income

To protect a portfolio against share market volatility, investors can hold cash and deposit products which are generally immune to market fluctuations. However, investors are often reluctant to hold cash in excess of their immediate liquidity needs. Additionally, while cash products will maintain their value in a market downturn, they do not help offset the potential loss of value in risk assets such as equities by delivering a corresponding increase in value.

As an alternative to cash products, investing in Government bonds can provide positive returns that may go some way to offsetting losses in other parts of a portfolio during periods of volatility. Diversification by investing in Government bonds can also add an element of stability to returns as they provide predictable streams of income, even when equities may perform poorly.

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