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Personal Investing

Morgans can offer you all of the services and products you need to achieve your investment goals – delivered in our friendly and professional style.

Getting you started

Our job is to understand where you fit across these four foundations of investing:

  • income
  • capital growth
  • capital security
  • risk/return

Everyone has different views on their need to maintain the value of their capital, and to balance that against the risk they are prepared to take to achieve returns through income or capital growth.

There are some core foundations to understanding all types of investing and the key ways you can make returns from investing.

These include:

  • receiving income on your capital
  • growing your capital in value

We use this understanding to deliver you the advice, service and products you need to achieve your investment goals.

Products and services 

Our service offering covers:

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We pride ourselves on providing client-focused advice based on thorough research, comprehensive company knowledge and many years' experience in the Australian sharemarket.

Contact your nearest branch to find out more or you are welcome to request a free trial web account for two weeks to view our online offering.