Our Morgans Website will always be morgans.com.au

There is absolutely no variation to this. 

We are aware of investment scams that have been targeting investors.


  • Ignore unsolicited approaches through social media platforms, email, telephone or mobile
  • Contact your adviser directly if you are unsure if a particular communication is a scam (do not click any links or phone the number in the correspondence)
  • Use the free website https://who.is or other similar free online tools to check the owner of the website or the domain contacting you
  • Verify the profile of the individual within the correspondence independently

Morgans continues to invest in leading cyber-safe technology, as well as escalating suspicious material to Australian telecommunications carriers and Australian Government security departments. Notwithstanding, new scams will continue to surface and so we urge you to remain vigilant and exercise caution when providing your personal or financial information online.

Keeping our clients safe from cyber scams is our priority.

To appear as a genuine Morgans offer, scammers are using lookalike Morgans domains to publish websites and communicate through email.

Please remember that our Morgans website domain will always be morgans.com.au and emails from Morgans will always be sent from @morgans.com.au.This will not change.

31 March 2023 - A fake website with a fake client application.

Growth stocks have had a choppy ride since the onset of the pandemic

March 2023 - A fake investment brochure

Growth stocks have had a choppy ride since the onset of the pandemic

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