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Stocks mentioned: GDF | Recommendation: Add

GDF’s FY17 result was largely in line with expectations following recently announced revaluations...…

A Solid(s) result

Stocks mentioned: CWY | Recommendation: Hold

The FY17 result was in-line to a beat of medium consensus expectations. Management expects EBITDA...…

Steady as always

Stocks mentioned: EBO | Recommendation: Add

EBO posted a sound result with growth coming across most divisions. Cash flow generation across...…

Big boost to NTA

Stocks mentioned: IDR | Recommendation: Hold

IDR’s FY17 result was at the higher end of guidance. Of note was the big move in NTA (+23.6% on...…

The tide is rising

Stocks mentioned: WLL | Recommendation: Add

Wellcom’s FY17 profit, while down on the prior year, was better than company guidance due to new...…

The Daily Fix - (IANG)

IAG's FY17 cash NPAT of $929m was above consensus expectations. While positive, the result did...…

Morgans Daybreak

Call to action – Bapcor Limited Reporting Calendar - BY CODE Reporting Calendar - BY DATE...…

Fueled up for further growth

Stocks mentioned: ATL | Recommendation: Add

ATL reported a strong maiden result, beating prospectus forecasts by 12% at an NPAT level (vs...…
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