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Who is Macquarie's new CEO?


- Born in England in 1961

- Educated in Britain and Sri Lanka before attending Sydney's Ascham School for girls

- Earned a commerce and law degree from the University of NSW

- Completed an advanced management program at Harvard University

- Spent a year as a corporate lawyer at Blake Dawson Waldron in 1986

- Joined Macquarie in 1987, working in corporate services before helping to establish Macquarie Capital

- Headed prudential function for Macquarie investment bank from 2001-04

- Headed Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets in New York from 2004-08

- Established infrastructure funds in the US and Canada, and established and led the Macquarie's corporate advisory offices in New Zealand, Hong Kong and Malaysia

- Appointed Head of Macquarie Asset Management in 2008

- Chair of the Macquarie Group Foundation from 2013

- Earned $16.7 million in FY18

- Told the Financial Times that she had never sold a Macquarie share in 30 years

- Has two children

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