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Second blast attempt on Vic power plant

A disused power plant on Victoria's surf coast will be blown up a second time, because the first attempt failed.

Aluminium giant Alcoa will try to explode the Anglesea plant in the first week of October, after May's initial detonation fizzled and only part of the structure collapsed.

"The activity may be audible in Anglesea for approximately 10 seconds and is expected to sound similar to the first demolition, like claps of thunder," Alcoa warned in a community statement.

"It is expected to generate localised dust that will be visible for a short period, that will move away from town."

A final date is still to be confirmed, but a subcontractor has been appointed for the demolition and the explosion will only happen if winds are blowing away from the coastal town.

"Asbestos and dust monitoring will be in place during and after the demolition activity," Alcoa said.

"Monitoring during and since the first demolition activity has shown no cause for concern - no airborne asbestos fibres have been detected above ... exposure standard."

The station and mine closed in 2015 before being subject to a 12-month asbestos removal program.

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