Taps flowing with eclectic beers, ciders

A wave of wasabi, a sip of souvlaki or a tipple of smashed avo ... beer flavours aren't what they used to be.

It seems Australia's COVID-19 lockdown has given would-be craft brewers plenty of time to explore their creative side and the results are ... interesting.

A showcase of more than 100 new beers and ciders from across the nation will go on tap at the travelling 2021 Great Australian Beers Spectacular over the next couple of months.

Among the line up is Snap, Crackle and Hop from Canberra's Capital Brewing Co, combining marshmallows, Rice Bubbles, vanilla and lactose to deliver a brew with a flavour similar to an LCM bar.

Victoria's Public Brewing Co has mixed avocado, salt and pepper and lemon for its Smashed Avo creation. And the Marrickville Lamb Souvlaki from NSW blends a lamb broth with Mediterranean herbs, lemon and salt.

"Extra downtime throughout 2020 seems to have sparked a creative flame amongst brewers and cider makers," organiser of the 'GABS' festival said.

"This year's inspiration pushes all brewing boundaries."

The Wasabi Sumo brew mixes sweet stone fruit flavours but leaves a wasabi a ginger kick.

In the cider stakes, Queensland's Pink Passion ferments apple juice, shiraz grapes and passionfruit juice for a colourful result.

GABS festivals will be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Auckland.

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