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Supermarket to open late for Adelaide show

A supermarket near the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds has been granted an exemption from the state's stringent shop trading hours laws for the duration of the show.

In a move described by South Australian Treasurer Rob Lucas as "ironic", Drakes Supermarkets - an opponent to shop trading law reform - applied for and won the exemption.

Drakes Foodland at Wayville will be allowed to open for an additional 34 hours over the 10-day show period, including until 10pm each night and from 7am on Sundays.

Mr Lucas said the application demonstrated the need for law reform around trading hours.

"Why should a business person who wants to trade extended hours have to come cap in hand to a minister of the government and ask for permission?" He told reporters on Friday.

"Our view is quite simple. If his workers are prepared to work, if shoppers want to shop and he wants to trade, why should our silly trading laws stop him from doing so?"

In his application to the government, Drakes Supermarkets general manager Bob Soang said extended trading hours were needed to meet the requirements of people who wanted to purchase groceries after their time at the show.

Mr Lucas encouraged other businesses in the area to make similar applications to trade longer during the show.

The Retail Trading Bill, which seeks to significantly deregulate shop trading hours law, was introduced to state parliament last month but faces opposition from Labor and the crossbenchers in the upper house.

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