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Qld moving out of 'bust' economy: Trad

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad says Queensland's economy is moving out of the "bust" phase of the past few years after two key reports gave optimistic outlooks.

The Deloitte Access Economics Business Outlook Report, released on Monday, said Queensland was continuing to improve and global improvements were driving demand for its three key exports - "minerals, education and sunshine".

The Commsec State of the States Report also showed the state was leading the nation in employment growth and had increased exports by 35 per cent.

Ms Trad, who is also the state's treasurer, welcomed both reports but played down the performance, describing Queensland as an export economy that was "exposed to boom and bust".

"That's why it's important for us as a state government to do what we can to anticipate global growth patterns," she said on Monday.

"I'm really pleased that both reports start to paint a very strong picture for our economy going forward out of that bust many regional communities have felt over the past few years."

Ms Trad said the government knew people in some regional communities were doing it tough, but she was heartened to see more people in work in places like Townsville than 12 months ago.

"We are driving specific regional problems to get Queenslanders back into work," she said.

Ms Trad said the state was leading the nation in terms of jobs growth, but denied that was due to an increase in public service roles.

"We have more than 85 per cent of the jobs being created in Queensland from the private sector itself," she said.

"We know that if small business in industry have the right conditions they put on more people and that's what we're seeing through these economic conditions."

But Deputy Opposition Leader Tim Mander said Queensland was still ranked sixth in the country on economic performance.

"Labor's now been in office for three years and we have languished at the bottom of the economic indicators," he said.

"And there seems to be no plan to go forward. So the onus is on Labor. What are they going to do to stimulate the economy?"

Mr Mander warned taxes announced by Labor during the 2017 election campaign would put the brakes on any economic recovery.

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