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More drought relief set to rain on farmers

More relief is on the way for drought-stricken farmers, with Malcolm Turnbull indicating the federal government would do more to help producers in the midst of a brutal dry spell.

The prime minister on Friday signalled further announcements would be made shortly to help people in hardship.

"I cannot underline how shocking this drought challenge is. It puts farmers in a position where they have to make almost impossible choices," Mr Turnbull told reporters in Sydney.

Some farmers across NSW and Queensland have been forced to de-stock herds of animals, with large areas of Australia's east facing record dry periods.

Nationals leader Michael McCormack agreed the commonwealth needed to do more.

So far, the government has extended the limit for the farm household assistance, a welfare payment for farmers doing it tough, to four years.

The payment is under review with the agriculture department estimating almost 20,000 eligible farmers are yet to sign up.

Mr McCormack said he was in discussions with the prime minister to work out fresh relief.

"What we can't do is make it rain but what we can do is make some provision for more help for farmers. That is exactly what we are doing," he said.

The NSW government on Monday announced an extra $500 million in drought support - including $190 million in transport subsidies - taking the total state package to $1 billion.

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