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Japan posts $10.6b current account surplus

Japan achieved a current account surplus of 934.6 billion yen ($A10.7 billion) in June, government figures show.

The figure marks the 36th consecutive month of current account surplus for the world's third-largest economy, although it is 4.3 per cent lower than the June 2016 figure, according to data published on Tuesday by the Ministry of Finance.

The Japanese trade balance hit a surplus of 518.5 billion yen, down 32 per cent from June 2016 but up from a deficit in May.

Exports increased nine per cent year-on-year to 63.7 trillion yen.

Imports rose considerably, up 15.1 per cent to 58.52 trillion yen.

The service sector registered a decline to 49.9 billion yen, down 68 per cent year-on-year.

The primary income surplus was 507.2 billion yen, up 22.9 per cent year-on-year.

The balance of payments, which is a record of transactions stemming from foreign exchange markets, including payments for the country's exports and imports of goods, services, financial capital and financial transfers, is considered one of the most important trade indicators of a country.

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