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Greens push for energy modelling release

The Australian Greens will demand the government releases the full modelling of its signature energy policy when parliament resumes.

On Monday, the minor party is planning to order the government to produce documents around the national energy guarantee in the Senate.

The push is designed to make the full modelling public ahead of Tuesday's coalition partyroom meeting where legislation will be discussed.

"The full modelling underpinning the NEG should be released for proper scrutiny by experts and the politicians expected to vote on it," Greens energy spokesman Adam Bandt said.

"It is astounding that the coalition party room is getting ready to tick off on the NEG without seeing the full modelling."

The modelling has been partially released, with the government keen to trumpet a potential $550 a year power bill saving for households.

The Energy Security Board's modelling also predicts the policy will lead to renewable energy jumping from 17 to 36 per cent of the power mix by 2030.

"Some of the claims made by the federal government look very dodgy and are inconsistent with independent industry analysis," Mr Bandt said.

The Greens are hoping for Labor's support in the Senate to force the government to release the modelling.

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