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Apple to unveil new iPhone look

Apple will live stream its iPhone launch event on Twitter for the first time, as the technology giant prepares to unveil its latest flagship smartphone.

The US phone giant will allow people to watch the event live on the social media site, widening its potential viewership by breaking with a long-standing tradition of only allowing viewers to tune in via the company's website.

Apple is expected to use the event at the Steve Jobs Theatre on its Cupertino campus to reveal as many as three new versions of the iPhone.

A new Apple Watch and revamped iPad Pro could also appear during the show, according to industry analysts.

Earlier this year, Apple became the first publicly traded company to reach a one trillion dollar market value.

However, the tech giant faces ever-increasing pressure in the smartphone market, with Samsung and Huawei among the notable competitors to have already launched critically acclaimed iPhone rivals this year.

Google is also expected to announce a new version of its Pixel smartphone when it holds its own event in October.

The new iPhone line-up will reportedly feature a refreshed version of the iPhone X - first introduced last year, alongside a larger-screen device and a cheaper iPhone that will also feature the iPhone X's all-screen front panel and Face ID technology.

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