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Acting AMP chief paid $1.46m for 8 months

Acting AMP boss Mike Wilkins will pocket $1.46 million for the eight months work he will have done by the end of the year, the financial services giant has announced.

Mr Wilkins, an AMP director, took charge of the embattled financial services company in April when CEO Craig Meller quit in the wake of AMP's grilling at the banks royal commission for charging clients for advice they never received.

Former Future Fund and Commonwealth Bank boss David Murray, who took over as chair of AMP in June, replacing Catherine Brenner, will be paid $850,000 a year, AMP said.

Mr Wilkins became acting chief executive in April and is expected to continue in the role until the end of the year, but may end earlier depending on when a permanent replacement is appointed.

Mrs Brenner was paid a fee of $660,000 a year as chair of AMP, while Mr Meller was paid a total of $8.32 million as CEO in 2017.

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