Investment Watch Summer 2023 Outlook

Investment Watch Summer 2023 Outlook is now available.

Investment Watch Winter 2022

Markets have faced a tumultuous 2022 as a new regime of higher macro volatility took shape. 2022 will long be remembered as the year of rising inflation and interest rates. Indeed, in 2022 we witnessed the fastest pace of cash rate increases since 1994. As we look to 2023, the most important question is actually quite simple: can inflation be tamed as economic activity slows? We are reasonably optimistic, but there are substantial risks. Fortunately, there are convincing signs that inflation pressures are abating and 2023 is shaping up to be a much better year for investors.

We remind investors to remain vigilant against a series of macro-economic risks that are likely to make for a bumpy ride and as always, some asset classes will outperform others. That is why this extended version of Investment Watch includes our key themes and picks for 2023 and our best ideas. As always, speak to your adviser about asset classes and stocks that suit your investment goals.


  • Asset allocation – getting tactical: selectively increasing risk exposure
  • Economic strategy – staying the course while Central Banks tighten
  • Equity strategy – valuation appeal amidst some earnings uncertainty
  • Banks – some insulation from rising rates
  • Resources and Energy – competing forces at play
  • Updated Morgans Best Ideas
  • … and much more

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Investment Watch Summer 2023 Outlook 

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