Investment Watch Spring 2020 Outlook 2020

Investment Watch Spring 2020 Outlook is now available.

Investment Watch - Spring Outlook 2020

Australia escaped the initial onslaught of COVID-19 relatively lightly. The GDP decline in the June quarter, while a substantial 7.0%, was rather less than the 9% or so experienced by the median OECD economy.

It was however enough to do substantial damage to corporate earnings in FY21 and to pose ongoing risks to improved profitability in the future.

The unequal nature of the recovery and the potential for a resurgence of COVID-19 offshore will mean investors will need to position portfolios for resilience.

We cover the outlook for Banks, Retail, Telco and Property in this edition.

We continue to expect the markets to make further gains, but we are preparing for a more turbulent ride ahead.

We also pick apart the opportunities in the Listed Investment Trusts and update our Asset Allocation benchmarks.


  • Economics — quantitative easing as a long-term strategy
  • Equity strategy — a gradual path higher but be prepared for turbulence
  • Banks – headwinds easing
  • Telco – two speed recovery
  • 2020 Q4 asset allocation
  • Listed Investment Trusts – attractive entry prices and distribution certainty
  • Consumer discretionary – all set for a merry Christmas
  • Industrials – fairly resilient
  • Property – segments of compelling opportunities
  • Recent initiations
  • Morgans best ideas

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