Investment Watch Autumn 2021 Outlook

Investment Watch Autumn 2021 Outlook is now available.

Autumn 2021

We see the path out of the COVID-19 shock as a “restart” – not a typical business cycle “recovery”. The key reasons are the distinct nature of the shock, broad-based pent-up demand and different inflation dynamics.

The passage of the US$1.9trn fiscal package and an accelerating vaccination ramp-up magnify these factors, and we believe the restart will likely be stronger than markets expect.

Inflation dynamics and improving economic growth will have a significant impact on bond yields – something that investors haven’t had to contend with for some time.

This quarter we look at what this means for Asset Allocation in 2021. We also look at what the economic restart means for the key industries in the ASX.


  • Equity strategy —  positioning for a restart
  • Economics — why bond yields must go up
  • Banks — results far better than expected
  • Energy — refueling on fundamentals
  • Updated asset allocation settings
  • Morgans best ideas
  • And much more...

Download Investment Watch Autumn 2021 Outlook

Download Investment Watch Autumn 2021 Outlook

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