Investment Watch Autumn 2020 Outlook

Investment Watch Autumn 2020 Outlook is now available for Morgans clients.

Investment Watch Autumn Edition 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to dominate headlines, investors are forced to grapple with a new normal amid social distancing and self-quarantine recommendations.

In this month’s edition, we update our Asset Allocation to reflect the new realities of investing in 2020.

We also lay out our key economic, equity strategy and sector views given our current understanding of the virus, health policies, and monetary and fiscal responses.

We remain optimistic that our lives will return to normal eventually, but the lingering effects of the virus on our healthcare system, businesses, and affected industries will be determined by our success in social containment and unprecedented monetary and fiscal action to support our economy.


  • Economics —The current collapse
  • Equity Strategy — 2020 Outlook Weathering the storm
  • Fixed Interest — A confluence of events
  • Banks — Earnings downside risk
  • Telecommunications — Stick to critical infrastructure
  • Consumer discretionary — Incredibly difficult
  • Infrastructure — Value into a recovery
  • Asset Allocation — Recommended Asset Allocations and Active Tilts
  • Agrifood — Generally a safe place to be
  • Healthcare — renewed focus on diagnostics and supply
  • Best ideas

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