Investment Strategy First Quarter 2016

Investment Strategy Q1 2016 is out now and is complimentary for Morgans clients (login to view).


Economic outlook

  • United States - we think the US expansion will actually accelerate in 2016
  • China - successfully transitioning
  • Australia - the MYEFO wasn't bad news at all

Stockmarket outlook

  • We're looking for a strong start to 2016
  • We believe the ASX200 will move toward our estimate of fair value (5,470 points).

Investment themes

We continue to structure our investing strategies around core themes:

  • Avoiding complacency in the top 20 stocks
  • Diversifying your portfolio internationally
  • Leveraging lower domestic rates for longer
  • Profiting from the weaker Aussie dollar
  • Leveraging the technology revolution
  • The rise of the emerging middle class in Asia
  • Servicing the global demographic shift
  • Corporates exporting their business models
  • Capital management and M&A potential
  • Sniping the growth opportunities

Asset allocation

  • View our asset allocations and outlook for each asset class.

Equity Model portfolios

  • Track our portfolio performance, their composition and key recent changes


In his final presentation to the network in 2015, Morgans Chief Economist Michael Knox discussed the US economy and his outlook for the Australian stockmarket this year:

Download Investment Strategy Q1 2016

Morgans clients can login to view Investment Strategy First Quarter 2016. Alternatively contact your adviser or nearest Morgans office for a copy.

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