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Share Trading

Request a callMorgans is a full service stockbroker. We have been helping Australian investors with stockbroking services since 1982.

We pride ourselves on offering smart, personalised investment advice that is tailored to your investment style.

Our advisers are supported by an award-winning research team, as well as a leading corporate finance team that regularly provides clients with exclusive investment opportunities.


We can provide you with:

    • Advice on individual share selection and portfolio construction tailored to meet your specific investment objective;
    • Recommendations supported by comprehensive internal and external research, developed by our research analysts;
    • Access to all securities listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX) and Chi-X Australia (Chi-X);
    • Access to options and derivatives, including instalment warrants;
    • New investment opportunities in company IPOs and capital raisings;
    • Advice on margin lending (borrowing to invest)
    • Portfolio management
    • Access to our website, allowing you to monitor your investments, read award-winning research, and check share prices, announcements and more.

Migrating your portfolio

Portfolio migration is easy at Morgans. Make an appointment to see one of our advisers, bring a copy of your current portfolio (if Chess Sponsored) or a copy of your holding statements (if Issuer Sponsored) and we will do the rest.

Migrating your portfolio will enable your adviser to more easily assist you in future administration and buying and selling of shares.

Contact us

We pride ourselves on providing client-focused advice based on thorough research, comprehensive company knowledge and many years experience in the Australian sharemarket. Contact your nearest branch to find out more.

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