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MorgansLink app and client website enhancements

MorgansLink app enhancements – December 2016

MorgansLink AppMore to do when you're on the go.

At Morgans we appreciate how precious time can be, our MorgansLink app was developed to make managing your accounts easier. We've been busy improving the app to make it even better and here is how;

  • There are now 8 new account summary features with intuitive scrolling to make finding and comparing your details and securities so much simpler.
  • Compare and monitor the stocks in your personalised watchlist, with 10 additional information pieces added to each security including comprehensive price information and access to our own ratings and research, directly from your own personalised watch list.
  • Delve deeper into company research with bid and asking prices included in the company profile page (see image), providing instant feedback on a security as it happens.
  • When you want it all you can have immediate access to our full client site from the app in just one click.

Download or update your MorgansLink app

There is so much more in our latest release, to experience the new features download or upgrade the app visit the iTunes app store or Google Play via the links below:

App store image

Google play image

If you need help downloading the app, please view our Mobile App - Quick Reference Guides.

Client website enhancements – December 2016

Based on feedback from clients and advisers, we have added some new features to our client website;

  • Portfolio page – we have added a Portfolio Totals block to this page (particularly useful for people who manage more than one client account).
  • We have updated the layout of our Company Profile pages.
  • Account Summary page – we have added the Yield $value and a Contract Notes document icon. If you click on the icon you will be directed to the Contract Notes Page and a list of contract notes relevant to the selected security will display.
  • Tax Gains/Losses page – you can now filter by company to display your realised and unrealised tax lots for each company.
  • A new look and feel to comply with AA Accessibility Guidelines (to make content accessible, primarily for people with disabilities).

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