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Portfolio guide


  • The portfolio tab displays a consolidated view of all your client accounts.
  • You can see the contact details for your adviser and any updates your adviser has published on the site.
  • The portfolio tab sub-menu displays your Account Summary, Contract Notes, Transactions, Asset Allocation, Tax and Reports


Website update portfolio guide step one

1. Login to your Morgans web account and the Portfolio tab is displayed. This page displays a list of all your share accounts.

Website update portfolio guide step two

2. Click on the green tab to open the account summary for that account.

Website update portfolio guide step three

3. The Account summary page opens and displays for the selected account. This display shows your equity holdings, fixed securities positions by category, cash, property and private unlisted. Positive changes will display in green and negative changes will display in red. To view another account click on 'CHANGE ACCOUNT'.

Website update portfolio guide step four

4. You can choose to open the holdings for further details by clicking on the '+' icon.

Website update portfolio guide step five

5. By clicking on the Company code or name you can access the company profile, announcements and research for that company.

Website update portfolio guide step six

6. To view your Contract Notes for the current financial year click on the 'Contract Notes' tab. You can filter the results for other periods if required.

Website update portfolio guide step seven

7. To view your transaction history click on the 'Transactions' tab. Your settled and unsettled Cash account transactions will display. Click on 'Show Advanced Settings' to filter your transactions as needed.

Website update portfolio guide step nine

8. If you are a Wealth Plus client with two or more accounts you will see an additional feature in your 'Asset Allocation' screen. Click on 'CONSOLIDATE WEALTH+ ACCOUNTS' to create a consolidated display of your Asset Allocation. Each section of the pie chart is clickable to drill down for further detail.

Website update portfolio guide step twelve

9. Wealth+ clients can access their realised/unrealised tax position by clicking on the 'Tax' tab.

Website update portfolio guide step thirteen

10. Wealth+ clients can access Wealth+ reports by clicking the 'Reports' tab. You can choose to filter reports by report type as needed.