My Adviser guide

My Adviser

  • This section displays the complete profile of your adviser and the various ways to keep in touch with your adviser. You can also access adviser blogs in this section. This same functionality is also available on the Morgans mobile app.


Website guide my adviser step one

1. Navigate to the 'MY ADVISER' tab and click on 'Adviser Profile'.

Morgans website screenshot

2. This sections displays the profile of your Adviser and the various ways you can contact them.

Website guide my adviser step three

3. You can compose an email to your Adviser and receive a copy to your email address if you wish.

Website guide my adviser step four

4. You can 'REQUEST A CALL', where you can also leave a message and when you would like to be contacted.

Website guide my adviser step five

5. As a client your can 'REFER A FRIEND' to your Adviser.

Website guide my adviser step six 

6. If you have been subscribed by your Adviser to his blog you will have an Adviser Blog tab displayed on this screen.

Morgans website screenshot

7. Blogs written by your adviser are displayed in a list. You can click on 'READ MORE' to open the blog post.