How to setup and change PIN for Morgans App

The Morgans app lets you use a four-digit PIN for access to the Morgans app, rather than needing to type a longer password.

Morgans App

1. Tap the Morgans app icon to open the app from in your smartphone.

App login page

2. Enter your username and password. These are the same as those you use on the website.

Pin question long

3. Once you have successfully logged in to the mobile app for the first time the screen to setup the PIN is presented. Tap on Yes button to setup a PIN for the app. Enter the 4 digit PIN and tap on the ‘Done’ button. To save the PIN tap on ‘Set’ button. Tap on Continue to login.

App portfolio page

4. You are now logged into the mobile app. If you want to change your PIN, tap on Settings.


5. Tap on the 'Change PIN' button to change your PIN

Change pin

6. Enter the new PIN and tap on save.

New pin saved

7. A message is shown to confirm that the new PIN has been saved.

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