Financial Health Check

Request a callUsing the same financial ratios that analysts use to rate companies, you can quickly assess the health of your financial position.

Banks have long used ratios to determine whether applicants are credit-worthy for mortgage loans.

Typically, they like to limit your housing expenses to 30% of your net income and your total debt payments to no more than 40% of your income.


Try this quick exercise to see how you rate

  1. Add up what you spend in a month on your mortgage, home insurance and rates.
  2. Then divide that figure by your monthly gross income. Your answer should be under 0.30.
  3. Go back and add in your car payment, credit card payments and other debt payments to the first total, and
  4. Divide again by your monthly gross salary. Your answer should be under 0.40.
  5. If this simple test indicates you’re not as financially healthy as you should be, you should seek advice on how to get your financial health back on track.


Monthly home expenses
Monthly gross income
Outflow/inflow (2100/8333)
Extra monthly expenses (add this to the first total) 
Outflow/inflow (3133/8333)

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