ESG Investing

Morgans understands the increasing focus on ethical investing and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) impacts for investment portfolios. We have engaged Sustainalytics, an ESG provider to support you to align your investment portfolio with your ethical values and preferences.

The following ESG services are available for Morgans clients:

  • ESG risk ratings for ASX 200, 300 and top 200 global equities;
  • Negative screening of client portfolios to exclude certain issues from a portfolio (e.g. fossil fuels, animal testing, tobacco & gambling);
  • Controversies or negative media reports on equities that may impact your investment portfolio;
  • Compare your investment portfolio ESG risk rating with an index;
  • Supporting Not-For-Profits with investment choices that align with approved investment policies or ESG policies.


9 in 10 Australians believe it’s important their financial adviser provides responsible or ethical options.

87% of Australians feel comfortable discussing their interests and values in relation to their investments with their financial adviser.

Ethical Investing and ESG Screening

There have been some interesting reports during 2020 that have highlighted the increasing interest from investors on specific ESG values and exclusions that are of importance. At the top of the consumer searches were fossil fuels, human rights abuses and animal cruelty as can be seen in Figure 1 below.


Figure 1: Negative Screening - % of consumer searches on Responsible Returns vs survey respondent exclusions (weighted by % AUM)

ESG Investing - Negative Screening - % of consumer searches on Responsible Returns vs survey respondent exclusions (weighted by % AUM)

Source: RIAA, Responsible Investment Benchmark Report, 2020 Australia

Your Morgans Adviser can review your current investment portfolio or implement a portfolio that aligns your financial and investment goals with your ethical or ESG goals.

Morgans has a dedicated team that specialises in ethical and ESG solutions for clients, together with expert Not-For-Profit investment options.

Contact your Morgans Adviser to learn more about ethical investing and ESG at Morgans.

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