Great Barrier Reef Foundation

Morgans and the Morgans Foundation is a proud supporter of the Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

In June 2017, Deloitte Access Economics released a major report assessing the economic, social, icon and brand value of the Great Barrier Reef.

Its total value was stated as $56 billion. It's the biggest contributor to the Australian economy.

Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States, said: "This timely report is a much needed, holistic view of the incredible economic value and opportunities provided by the Great Barrier Reef".

The report's purpose is to gauge the Great Barrier Reef’s value to Australians and understand how the international community values it.

It estimates the Great Barrier Reef’s:

  • Contribution to the Australian economy in 2015–16 through industry value added and employment,
  • Economic, social and icon value, 
  • Significance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Traditional Owners, and brand value to Australia and the international community.

Help save the Great Barrier Reef

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