Big Dry Friday – 2000 farmers receive donations

Rural Aid has delivered $500 pre-paid visa cards to nearly 2000 farmers and their families so far, with another 400 cards set to be distributed in the next few weeks.

Wayne Thomson, General Manager of Rural Aid, updated the Morgans network in February 2020 regarding the distribution of the $1.3 million raised during the Big Dry Friday appeal in December 2019.

Wayne said: "On behalf of all the farmers ... I'd like to say thank you. Thank you to the Morgans family. It has made an incredible impact." Watch the full video below or read messages of thanks from some of the families further below.

Messages of thanks

The charity has received thank you message from some the recipients, grateful for the generosity of the Morgans community and business partners:

Wayne & Sandra – Winton QLD

"Good afternoon, we received a Rural Aid Country Card in our mail recently. Thank you very much to your organisation and all involved for donating and distributing these funds. It is very humbling to receive such generosity in the aftermath of years of drought and then the flood event." 

Len & Karyn – Dirranbandi QLD

"Thank you very much for the $500 pre-paid visa card. It is a huge help as our circumstances have become increasingly difficult with our property being drought declared for over 7 years now. Our stock numbers are at a minimum and we are still feeding the remaining breeding cows we have; hence our income is zero and the pre-paid visa lifted our spirits, knowing people are thinking of us." 


"My husband and I were surprised to receive a Rural Aid Prepaid Visa "Country Card". We could not believe it was for so much money. Before we knew how much it actually was, we guessed at maybe $100- and thought wouldn't it be wonderful if is was $150- BUT it is $500-. I don't know how or who to thank for such a kind and generous gift, from people who don't even know us. We will spend it carefully and it will be the first time in over two years it won't be going to pay for stock feed, unless we need to buy more stock blocks and that would be from our local rural supply store so the money would still be spent in our town. I have told my husband he still can't buy ice cream yet, until it rains. Thank you so much." 

Judi – Carroll NSW

"You are a wonderful organisation. Our heartfelt thanks for being the recipient of a Rural Aid Country Card. It will be such a help for the payment of our our latest farm expenses which never seem to end due to no rain and many mouths to feed on a daily basis. God bless." 

Ruth & Craig – Lockington VIC

"We would just like to say a huge thank you to Rural Aid and all those that are assisting farmers at such a difficult time. We have received a very generous gift card in the mail, which we appreciate so much. It was very straight forward to activate on line with no problems. We both hope that in the future we will be able to give back to communities in some way or another to say thank you."

Thank you

Thank you again to everyone who participated in Big Dry Friday 2019. Your generosity has made a difference.

Please visit the Morgans Foundation page if you would like to learn more about the other charitable organisations our Morgans Foundation supports throughout Australia. 

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