Wealth+ SMSF Solution

Wealth+ SMSF Solution is our self managed super fund (SMSF) administration service that incorporates the establishment, management, administration and investment advice for your fund.

Simply put, this offering allows you to take advantage of the flexibility and control of an SMSF while outsourcing the work involved in establishing and running your fund.

Complete SMSF service

As a Wealth+ SMSF Solution client, you have just one point of contact, a Morgans adviser, who will manage the key SMSF services you require, including:

Trust Deed establishment

You will receive a Reckon Docs Pty Ltd SMSF Trust Deed, which is a high quality SMSF Trust Deed, drafted by SMSF specialists with the client in mind.

Fund administration

This includes:

  • Preparation and maintenance of all statutory member records and reporting
  • Preparation of annual financial reports
  • Advice on compliance with the fund’s trust deed and the SIS Act and Regulations
  • Arranging annual audit in accordance with instructions from trustees
  • Liaison with external auditors in all matters relating to the fund preparation and lodgement of income tax return
  • Preparation and lodgement of income tax return
  • Preparation of minutes of trustee meetings
  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • Contribution reporting
  • Monitoring compliance of investments held against the fund’s investment strategy
  • Obtaining actuarial certificate, as required by legislation
  • Preparation of withdrawal and pension documentation

Investment management

Your SMSF investments are managed through our Wealth+ Managed Portfolio Service, which provides you with comprehensive reporting on your fund portfolio and investments, in addition to your annual member statement.

Benefits of Wealth+:

  • you maintain control over investment decisions, but outsource professional management and administration of your portfolio, leaving time for you and your adviser to take a pro-active approach to investing - including recommending changes if considered appropriate
  • if required, we provide regular income payments to designated accounts or to meet your regular payment needs. You have a choice of some of the leading cash management providers and receive comprehensive portfolio reporting

Investment advice

You'll have access to the expertise of one of Australia's largest stockbroking and wealth management networks.

Your adviser is supported by Morgans research on companies and is kept updated on any superannuation and legislation changes. This provides you with sound advice for your SMSF investment strategy.

Saves you time

With your Morgans adviser being your one point of contact for your SMSF, you can eliminate several visits to different professionals that you would require if administering the SMSF on your own – such as an accountant or lawyer for your trust deed, an accountant for your administration, an auditor for your annual fund audit and a financial adviser for your investment strategy and advice.

Tax and pensions

Wealth+ SMSF Solution allows trustees to better manage the tax outcomes of their fund and individual member accounts. Tax can be lowered through the use of franking credits. Capital gains and losses can also be specifically monitored for the benefit of members.

When an SMSF starts to pay a pension, the trustees may be entitled to claim a tax exemption on the earnings of the assets used to fund the pension.

This tax exemption provides a significant benefit for retirees, particularly when the fund holds shares paying franked dividends.

Streamlined fees

With some SMSF providers, the external audit, investment management and advice fees are separate costs. Wealth+SMSF Solution provides a simpler fee structure, automatically deducting all fees from your Wealth+ cash account.

More information

For more detail download our latest brochure.

Contact us

Contact the Morgans West Perth office and let us take the hassle out of running your SMSF.

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