Financial Planning

You can access a wealth of experience and technical expertise through our financial planning team at Morgans Perth. We can work with you to tailor wealth solutions that help you reach your investment goals.

Financial planning is taking advantage of all the investment opportunities available to you. With the right advice and a patient investment approach, becoming a successful investor can be relatively simple.

What we do

Our experienced financial advisers build personalised financial plans that aim to create, grow and protect your wealth.

We specialise in:

  • Selecting appropriate assets to build your wealth
  • Wealth protection through personal insurance
  • Superannuation strategies
  • Self-managed Superannuation Fund (SMSFs)
  • Tax planning to manage the amount of tax you pay
  • Planning for your retirement


Our approach

Your Morgans adviser will take you through the wealth management planning process, implement your strategies and help you make the most of all opportunities.

This wealth management process helps you set short- and long-term goals and use a range of investment strategies to achieve those goals.

Strategies are developed around the principles of saving tax, choosing the right investment structures, minimising risk, personal insurance and generating a large-enough asset base to provide you with financial security.

The strategies to save tax involve structuring salary, superannuation, investments and debt. Risk is minimised through the diversification of investments and monitoring portfolio performance.

Wealth management philosophy

Your Morgans adviser will work with you to put in place a wealth management plan that will help you achieve your lifestyle goals – or help you create a better life.

Life stage planning

Through each stage of your life you will focus on issues that are relevant at that time. We can implement strategies that help you create and save your wealth, regardless of your life stage.

View our guides for the key things to consider during your twenties, thirties and forties and when transitioning to retirement:

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Every client has individual circumstances and individual financial goals, but in essence everyone wants the same thing - to maximise their wealth now and into the future, to ensure financial security and an improved quality of life.

Through a developed understanding and appreciation of a client's individual needs, we can create a step-by-step plan to assist in the realisation of short and long-term objectives. Our staff are highly trained and skilled in the instigation and implementation of a diverse range of financial strategies.

To find out more, contact a Morgans Perth adviser today.

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