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Accountant Services

At Morgans Perth, the relationships we have with our clients' accountants form an integral part of the process of providing high quality investment advice.

We value these relationships and our objective is to build long-term associations which add value to both your clients' portfolios and your practice. As part of our offering, we are able to provide accountants with the following services: 

Provision of our regular research publications: including daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly publications covering such topics as market news and research, favoured companies, sector discussions, key stock picks and information on financial planning topics and managed funds.

Company and industry sector specific research and economic commentary: Morgans analysts research in excess of 200 ASX listed companies, plus a range of hybrids/fixed interest securities, and listed property trusts. Morgans Head of Strategy and Chief Economist, Michael Knox regularly provides economic commentary.

Financial planning technical assistance: we can assist with technical matters where required as we have two dedicated financial planners in our Perth office, together with our financial planning technical services team at Head Office.

Annual copy of Investor's Tax Companion: an excellent tool for accountants, this publication summarises all ASX closing stock prices at June 30, all dividends paid, franking levels, payments dates, bonus & rights issues, share splits, takeovers and other corporate actions.

Wealth+: for clients who use our Wealth+ platform, we provide a copy of all reports to accountants as required (e.g. portfolio summary, transaction report, tax summary, CGT report, and income summary to assist with preparation of clients’ tax returns). There are over $400m of Perth client funds benefiting from this facility.

Meeting Attendance: when addressing investment issues, clients often prefer to have a three way meeting between themselves, their accountant and us. We are happy to attend these if requested

Copies of correspondence: some accountants wish to be kept informed of all issues and transactions involving their clients. As such we have a facility to copy in accountants on all correspondence.

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