Community support

Mazenod Old Collegians Football Club

Mazenod aims to play Australian Rules Football in the highest possible level and to;

  • Promote the sport of Australian rules football within our local community. 
  • Encourage and develop good sporting behaviour whilst providing an enjoyable social experience.
  • Create a sense of social and community values.
  • Nurture the development of our youth Promote respect for officials, opposition players and supporters and the virtues of fair and disciplined play

Morgans Foundation

Morgans runs the Morgans Foundation. The Foundation pools funds from Morgans, its regional offices, clients and staff, to make meaningful contributions to selected charities.

Since it was established in 2005, the Foundation has donated approximately $7.8 million to over 150 charities around Australia. In 2011, the Foundation was named QCF Corporate Philanthropist of the Year.

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