Wealth+ Managed Portfolio Service

Wealth+ is a portfolio management service that makes investing easier by collecting and recording all investment information/documentation (share trades, dividend and interest payments etc) as well as providing clients with regular reports to help them monitor portfolio valuations and forecast income.

Many investors are time poor or have no wish to administer their portfolio and this is where Wealth+ can help. This service gives clients more time to focus on their investment decisions rather than the cumbersome paperwork.

How Wealth+ works

All investments are held in your name (unlike other platforms where the investments are pooled with other investors in a single custodian name) and the address for your investments is changed to care of the Wealth+ managed portfolio service.

Wealth+ receives and deals with all of your correspondence and paperwork. We will follow up on any missing documentation or entitlements such as dividend payments and deal directly with share registries and other product providers.

You will be contacted by your adviser regarding new investment opportunities (e.g. entitlement offers, share purchase plans etc). You simply signal your acceptance and we look after all the relevant paperwork and lodge the application with the relevant registry on your behalf.

The benefits

  • Proactive management of your portfolio - your investment portfolio is closely monitored and where appropriate recommendations are made
  • One point of contact for all your investment needs - you have the comfort of knowing that the adviser you currently have a relationship with will play a role in the administration of your portfolio
  • Reduced paperwork - we receive and manage documentation relating to your investments (such as share trades, dividend and interest payment advices etc.)
  • Transparent reporting - our service provides you with regular reports to help monitor your portfolio valuation and forecast income
  • Hassle free tax returns - we prepare a comprehensive tax report for the preparation of your tax. We can also liaise with your Tax Accountant to provide them with all the information they need
  • Assistance with tax - we determine the correct tax treatment for the cost base of investments involved in complex schemes of arrangement, takeovers etc.
  • 24 hour access to your portfolio - you have 24 hour online secure web access to your portfolio details with 20 minute delayed price updates for listed investments. View an example webpage.
  • Access to capital raisings - you receive timely information regarding capital raisings (e.g. IPOs, entitlement offers etc) so you don’t miss out on any investment opportunities
  • Ease of cash transacting - third party payments can be arranged for you at no cost
  • Your Wealth+ fees may be tax deductible - for most investors, the ongoing portfolio management fees are tax deductible

More information

Please refer to our latest brochure on Wealth+ for more detailed information.

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