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Our Approach

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment approach is value based and draws on the principles followed by Warren Buffett.

We aim to buy good quality assets with a high return on equity, driven by competitive advantages and low gearing, when available at a discount to intrinsic value.

This style recognises that in any investment or asset class there can be discrepancy in value resulting in an asset being undervalued or overvalued.

Through proactive portfolio management we aim to identify value when establishing and maintaining a portfolio. By keeping a close eye on your investments at all times we can advise you when appropriate opportunities to buy or sell arise.

These well developed principles and methodologies have worked over extended periods of time and during a variety of market conditions, and should outperform relevant market indices over the long term.

Retirement Cash flow Model

  • For clients approaching retirement – we structure portfolios towards lower risk investments that aim to provide a reliable and increasing income stream, irrespective of market fluctuations
  • Our model has stood the test of time – many of our clients continued to receive reliable levels of income during the market down turn in 2008 and were able to ride out the market volatility without being forced sellers.

This is in contrast to retirees who invested their superannuation in managed fund pensions and were faced with the challenge of cashing-in more units at potentially lower prices.

Specialists in Self Managed Superannuation

We specialise in providing tax effective investment and strategy advice for new and established self managed superannuation funds (SMSF's).

Talk to us about the benefits of establishing your own SMSF, or how we can help you get the most out of your existing fund.

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