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Our Approach

Why choose Morgans North Quay?

Morgans North Quay can help you to gain insight into your finances and take control of your wealth management.

We aim to provide exceptional professional services to our valued clients. We do this by helping achieve goals, using open communication, employing quality people, educating clients and providing appropriate strategy.

Our advisers work in a team that provides clients with more than one contact which enables co-ordinated advice from specialists in various areas of advice.

Wealth management process

We like to begin our new client relationships with a wealth management consultation and plan. This allows us to deliver our services to you in a strategic way, ensuring all considerations are covered and all needs current and future are met.

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Tailored wealth solutions development
  3. Assessment of your objectives
  4. Your formal advice document, including an analysis of our recommended financial strategies
  5. Establishment of the most appropriate, cost-effective investment vehicles for your circumstances 
  6. Investment recommendations appropriate to your strategy
  7. Ongoing monitoring and review of your position
  8. Efficient administration and reporting service

Our investment philosophy

The advisers at Morgans North Quay will work with you to define your investment goals based on these principles:

Investing for the long term - Circumstances can change, so we keep a keen eye on the market and advise our premium portfolio management service clients when opportunities to buy or sell arise.

Maintaining a quality core portfolio – All of our clients’ portfolios are designed to include core holdings of quality, long term stocks that meet the individual client’s risk/return profile.

Reduce risk through diversification – No two investments will perform in the same way at the same time. A key aim of successful portfolio construction is diversification across a range of sectors and asset classes. By diversifying, you reduce the risk of investments losing value.

Focus on total return – Your adviser will identify stocks that offer long-term growth prospects as well as tax-effective income potential.

Active but risk-controlled investment approach – We ensure returns are generated from focused, active portfolio management, not from excessive trading or high risk derivative exposures. Your adviser will work with you to determine the right level of risk for your personal situation.

Research driven process – We undertake continuous research and analysis of economies, markets and individual companies. Individual companies are assessed on fundamental value, quality of management, earnings and growth prospects.

Tax effective management – Your adviser will tailor solutions to fit individual income tax situations, incorporating optimisation of capital gains and losses.

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