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Our Approach

Our investment approach is fundamentally and technically based.

This style recognises that in any investment or asset class there can be a valuation range from being undervalued to overvalued.

Through proactive portfolio management we aim to capture this range when establishing and maintaining a portfolio.

We adhere to well developed principles and methodologies that have worked over extended periods of time and during a variety of market conditions.

This helps to protect your portfolio from significant falls, but may also allow it to outperform relevant market indices over the long term.

We found that our approach worked particularly well in protecting client’s portfolios during the market corrections of 2008 to 2009.

Our Advisory Process

We recognise that many investors have neither the time nor the expertise to manage their portfolios or keep abreast of developments in legislation and investment markets. Your adviser, together with the range of specialists in head office and across the network, pride themselves on operating as a team to provide a complete solution for your financial needs.

Our process seeks to provide a:

  • Comprehensive overview of your current financial situation
  • Full assessment of your goals and objectives
  • Analysis of alternative strategies and identification of relevant issues
  • Investment recommendations in the context of a total solution
  • Implementation of your preferred strategy using the best internal and external resources
  • Active ongoing management of your portfolio of investments
  • Regular, ongoing review of your situation and requirements
  • Control of all reporting and administration
This process assists to build a financial strategy that appropriately addresses our clients needs and goals.

Financial Advice

Although every client has individual circumstances and specific financial goals, we believe most clients aspire to similar goals – maximising their wealth now and for the future to ensure financial security and an improved quality of life.

Planning for your future in today's complex and changing environment is paramount for ensuring financial security.

We work with you to define your investment goals and set financial objectives to suit your lifestyle, income and future needs. We then help you to build an investment portfolio with a mix of assets to meet your personal and financial objectives.

To assist you in achieving the objectives you have set and take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise, we recommend reviewing your portfolio on an ongoing basis.

The fact we can offer clients a wide choice of investment options, allows us to formulate personal investment strategies based on individual needs and objectives.

Our advisory team has expertise in areas of funds management, superannuation and retirement planning.

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