About Us

The Morgans office within the Toowoomba region was established in 1988 and is operated by Chalk Capital. With their roots in Toowoomba, the office also services the broader Darling Downs with regular visits to Stanthorpe, Goondiwindi, and Western Queensland.

As part of Australia's largest privately-owned stockbroking and wealth management firm, the Toowoomba office has been locally owned by its management and staff who have worked day-to-day in the business since 1991.

Our office is owner-managed and we believe this differentiates us from many other stockbroking and financial planning groups, adding another level of commitment, focus and motivation to our role as your adviser.

Morgans Chalk Capital advisers pride themselves on their ability to develop a long-term partnership with clients to allow goals and objectives to be identified and worked toward collaboratively. At the core, the service offering is based upon Client Best Interest which forms a cornerstone of the Financial Adviser Standards Code of Ethics.

With the business planting its roots in stockbroking and investment transaction services, the business has transitioned over time to become the Financial Advice and Wealth Management firm for which it is known today.

The group is proud to have a 30-year history in the region, with the great privilege and responsibility of assisting our clients in the management of their financial strategies, investments and retirement savings.

The success of the Toowoomba office has been driven by the tailored and individualised nature of our service to our clients. Relationships with our clients are long term and are based on trust and transparency, with a focus on developing a legacy which lasts.

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