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Our Approach

The Scone office is owned and operated by staff bringing a unique level of commitment to client service and motivation not often found in large stock broking firms.

The advisers at Morgans Scone will work with you to help you achieve your investment objectives.

Investing for the long term

Overall we look to build long term, high quality portfolios that stand the test of time and grow to produce a steady fully franked dividend stream. Our objective is to focus on high quality companies that have a significant durable competitive advantage

Reduce risk through diversification

A key to successful portfolio construction is diversification across a range of sectors. Prudent allocations also help provide exposure across different cycles as well as lowering the volatility by spreading the risk more evenly.

Focus on total return

Your adviser will identify stocks that offer long-term growth prospects as well as taking advantage of fully franked dividends.

Focused investment approach

We manage our clients portfolios through focused portfolio management, not from excessive trading or high risk derivative exposures. Your adviser will work with you to determine a quality portfolio to meet your investment objectives.

Research driven process

Our Morgans equities research arm consists of a team of analysts who offer coverage on a broad range of ASX listed companies. Our fixed interest securities team compliment our equities research by offering specialist coverage across a wide range of hybrid and fixed interest securities.

At Morgans Scone we undertake continuous research and analysis of economies, markets and individual companies. Individual companies are assessed on fundamental value, quality of management, earnings and growth prospects.

Corporate Deal Flow

As one of the award-winning offices in the Morgans network, the Scone office has access to a significant pipeline of deals for Sophisticated Investors (IPOs, Placements, Selldowns etc) through the Morgans corporate department located in both Sydney and Brisbane.

Latest Research