Aged Care Advice

Morgans Port Macquarie have a team of Aged Care Specialists who can help families make the right financial decisions when it comes time to arranging aged care support for their loved ones.

Our services aim to guide families through the complex process, obtain the best care available, reduce the emotional stress and achieve the best financial outcome when elderly family members are planning the move to an aged care facility.

How we can help

Our specialists can assist with:

  • Understanding the aged care system and the steps to take when choosing a facility
  • Information on the services available and the costs involved
  • How to pay for the upfront entry cost and minimising the daily care fees
  • Deciding whether to sell the family home or rent it out
  • Maximising the age pension
  • Investing wisely to generate ongoing cashflow needs
  • Strategies to help obtain appropriate care while also providing an optimal financial outcome
  • Ensuring any aged care strategy is consistent with estate plans so that the family member and their family's future remains protected.

Contact us

We encourage families to contact us on (02) 6583 1735 and speak to one of our financial planners who can help provide aged care solutions and remove some of the stress at this difficult stage of life.

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