Choosing care at home

By Chris Young

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In 2015, the Government introduced aged care reforms that provided multiple levels of home care to allow elderly Australians the opportunity to remain in their home for longer.

Generally speaking, Home Care is the most cost effective option for both the consumer and the Government when compared with full time, residential aged care entry.

Current legislation ensures that a care recipient has greater choice over the types of care and services they access, how and when their services are delivered and by whom.

It also gives consumers more control over their funds for their care and how those funds are spent.

Whilst the current system is not perfect in its delivery, continuing reform and evolution should see this level of care improve in the near future.

There are various providers in the market place and you have the ability to construct your own personalised care package (pursuant to providers care offering), that suits your requirements.

As with any major purchase, when selecting a Home Care package, we urge you to shop around and compare options, so you are able to make the most of the funding you receive and ensure a cost effective service delivery.

For further information about accessing care at home please see the infographic below prepared by Aged Care Steps:

Aged Care Steps Choosing care at home infographic

Chris Young is a Financial Planner with Morgans Port Macquarie. Chris has a comprehensive range of financial planning skills that he uses to take the difficulty out of planning for your future. He specialises in aged care, retirement planning and personal risk protection advice.