About Us

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The Mona Vale Office of Morgans was founded in 2003 in Newport and re-located to Mona Vale in 2017. It was acquired in 2020 and amalgamated with the Chatswood office.

The Chatswood office of Morgans was established in June 2010 with a commitment to delivering excellence in financial advice to clients. Our office is owner managed, bringing a level of commitment, focus and motivation not often found in large financial planning groups.

Danny Dreyfus, Kylie Macdonald and Chris Macdonald jointly lead Chatswood office. They have 50 years of combined experience in advising a wide range of clients regarding their investment needs.

We will work with you to develop an individual investment strategy that meets your financial requirements, both now and into the future. Our commitment is to deliver excellence in investment advice to our clients.

For high-quality and personalised investment advice please contact us.



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