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Our Approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to partner with our clients to help them take control of their finances.

We do this by providing clear, personalised and comprehensive advice designed to meet their wealth management needs.

We will partner with you to help you take control of your finances. We will do this by understanding your financial needs and providing clear, personalised and comprehensive advice about your wealth management options.

The Planning Process

At Morgans Merimbula we operate as a team to provide you with the complete financial service.

Beginning with listening to your objectives and considering your complete situation we assess the elements making the complete package that will best meet your individual lifestyle outcomes. You can receive:

  1. An overview of your current situation
  2. Assessment of your objectives
  3. Analysis of financial planning strategies and issues to address
  4. Establishment of appropriate, cost-effective investment vehicles
  5. Investment recommendations appropriate to your strategy
  6. Ongoing administration of your investments
  7. Regular review of your strategy and performance
  8. Ease of website access and reporting

Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy is based on:

  • Building a core portfolio – our portfolios aim to create a core of quality investments that can provide a long term platform on which to grow and anchor your wealth.
  • Buying value – we choose companies based on their long term value but like to buy them when the market is pricing them below that value.
  • Appropriate balance – there are times when you should be invested to the maximum appropriate to your risk profile and there are other times when sleeping easy means holding a higher level of cash and defensive investments.
  • Focus on returns – careful selection and the application of a variety of strategies enables considerably higher yields than are available from fixed interest.
  • Tax effective strategies – rules for taxation on investment and superannuation are constantly changing and strategies need to operate with sufficient flexibility to maximize your outcome.

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