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Our Approach

At Morgans Balmain we listen to your needs and develop a tailored investment strategy to help achieve your financial and lifestyle goals utilising our areas of investment expertise.

Your Morgans Balmain adviser is aligned to your interests and operates under your instruction which enables you to retain full control of your financial affairs.

Our investment process

Through our investment process we become a trusted partner to successful individuals and families by delivering high quality financial advice and wealth management services.

Our goal is to help you achieve your life goals and objectives. We do this by:

  1. An initial meeting to address your current situation; including goals and objectives
  2. Development and presentation of your tailored strategy
  3. Implementation of your strategy
  4. Ongoing monitoring, administration and review of strategy

Our Philosophy

Your adviser at Morgans Balmain will work with you to achieve your investment goals based on these principles:


Our role as advisers is to look after and protect your financial affairs


We want to empower our clients to outsource their financial needs but at the same time always retain ultimate control/p>

Reduce investment risk and increase potential returns

This is achieved by diversification & active portfolio management. Portfolio construction is imperative to achieve long term returns as no two investments will perform in the same way at the same time. This is achieved by investing across a range of sectors and asset classes. Investments must also be actively monitored and managed to optimise returns. A 'set & forget' strategy is not a strategy.

Focus on total return

We do not want to simply focus on beating the market over shorter periods. Real wealth is built by delivering consistent real rates of return to our clients over the longer term

Research driven process

We undertake continuous research and analysis of economies, markets and individual companies. If we think a company looks cheap we may buy or top up a current holding, but just as importantly even very good companies often become overvalued and we may need to 'trim' or sell a holding.

Latest Research