Financial Coaching Program

Are you financially literate? Do you have financial goals and dreams? Do you know what you need to do to make those goals and dreams a reality? Few young people receive any kind of financial education at school or from their parents.

Our financial coaching program is designed to help you get the basics right so that you can achieve long term financial success regardless of what you earn.

Through our coaching program you will learn to:

  • manage you cash flow
  • eliminate lifestyle debt
  • maximize your super
  • understand the investment options available to build long term wealth

Cash flow & debt management

Do you live from pay to pay or have to juggle money around when big bills are due? Do you pay interest on your credit card?

From our experience we find that most people earn more than enough to achieve their financial goals, but consistently fall short due to poor financial management and lack of focus.

We can help you implement a financial management system that puts you in control of your finances. Not only will we teach you how to manage your finances but like all good coaches we will keep you accountable for sticking to it.

Through careful financial management we will help you produce a monthly cashflow surplus, build a cash reserve, pay off your lifestyle debt and start accumulating income producing assets.


Do you have multiple super funds or have you lost track of your super? Do you know how your super money is invested?

Most young people have been paid super since entering the workforce, but are failing to make the most of it. Regular changes to employment have typically resulted in your average young person owning 4-5 different super funds with small and unsustainable balances. Having multiple super accounts can seriously erode your retirement funds.

We understand that it is hard to get excited about your superannuation when you won't be able to touch it for 20, 30 or even 40 years. But a proactive approach to your super now could literally leave you hundreds of thousands of dollars better off in retirement.

We will help you locate any lost super, consolidate it, look at your insurance options and invest your super in a meaningful and productive way.

Personal insurance

Are you sure you have adequate insurance?  Are you confident that if an illness, injury or death struck your family that you would be able to cope financially?  We do not believe in over insurance, but are strong believers in adequate insurance.

Your need for personal insurance will change dramatically with each life stage and therefore needs to be reviewed and updated regularly. Marriage, the birth of a child, the purchase of a house or a change of job could all have a significant impact on how much insurance you should have.

We can help you identify what is an appropriate level of insurance for you given your life stage financial obligations. Then we can help you identify the most cost effective way for you to purchase this insurance.

Estate planning

Do you have a Will in place? Or is the Will you have old and irrelevant? Having an up-to-date Will is something we all know we need but doing something about it seems all too hard. We can discuss your Will with you and help you identify the easiest and most cost-effective way to get your Will up to date and protect your assets appropriately.

Investment strategy

It's never too early to start investing. As a younger person your biggest asset is time. Time is what gives power to the phenomenon of compounding. The earlier you start, the greater your chance of building real wealth. Our wealthiest clients are not those with the highest incomes but rather those who invested sensibly early in life and then left those assets to grow and compound in value.

We will teach you about the different investment options available to you and how to make the most of each asset class. We will show you how to start with nothing and build a long term investment strategy to match your financial goals and objectives.

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