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Violeta Todorova

Violeta Todorova

Senior Technical Analyst

Industry Experience

Violeta is a qualified technical analyst, who spent her early career in accounting and fundamental analysis in Europe.

Violeta decided to focus on technical analysis in 2004 and has brought a wealth of experience to Morgans.

Violeta uses price charts to identify stock trends early and accurately, which increases profits and reduces risk. She combines advanced technical analysis techniques with the basic trend analysis, chart patterns and indicators tools into a powerful stock market timing system.

Violeta’s succinct daily reports are designed to help you make a quick assessment of the market trend and condition in multiple time frames (short, medium and long), identifying trading and/or investment opportunities.

In previous roles, Violeta has been a Senior Analyst, ForexCT and Technical Analyst, Tolhurst Group.

Industry Recognition

  • Two awards of excellence for highest results in technical analysis in Australia (FINSIA)
  • Technical Analysis Lecturer - FINSIA

Qualifications and Professional Affiliations

  • B Economics and Management (Hon) – University of Varna, Bulgaria
  • Certificate in Technical Analysis - FINSIA
  • Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance and Investment – FINSIA