Listed Investment Trusts (LITs): The Recovery Continues

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Parveer Bassi
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By Parveer Bassi
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Transaction Analyst, Fixed Interest
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16 February 2021, 5:00 PM

  • The prices of the LIT sector have recovered strongly from the oversold levels seen last year in mid-March. MXT is now trading at a consistent premium to its Net Tangible Asset (NTA) with GCI and PCI following close behind as the discounts on all LITs have narrowed significantly.
  • While some securities continue to trade at modest discounts to their respective NTA values, it is pleasing to see that NBI’s NTA now sits above the $2.00 issue price, as do those of MXT and GCI.
  • The LIT sector has provided investors with a consistent and stable flow of distributions and remains an attractive income opportunity to further diversify portfolios.
  • With GCI’s NTA value remaining stable and the NTAs of NBI and KKC closing in on their issue prices but still trading at discounts we retain Add ratings on these LITs which currently represent excellent value offering attractive yields.

NTAs have recovered back to their initial issue prices

Equity and credit markets were severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. Risk sentiment deteriorated during the month of March as fears over the potential impact on financial markets mounted leading to a large sell-off in global markets. The sell-off across asset classes was accentuated as open-ended global fund managers became forced sellers of investments at distressed prices to fund investor redemptions causing substantial price dislocation.

This price dislocation impacted the market price of the underlying assets of the global LIT managers: KKR, Neuberger Berman (NB) and Partners Group. NTAs fell ~30% due to mark-to-market losses (but importantly not realised losses). The ASX prices of LITs fell dramatically with investors selling units at lower prices to gain liquidity in an uncertain market leading to large discounts to NTA values as shown in Figure 1.

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