Startup Series: Gemma Lloyd, Co-Founder of WORK180

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Chris Titley
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By Chris Titley
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11 January 2019, 2:35 PM

In the first Morgans Startup Series podcast for 2019, I spoke with Gemma Lloyd from WORK180.

WORK180 is a global jobs network that operates at the forefront of this new workplace revolution. As an advocate for working women, WORK180 provides job applicants with a transparent directory of endorsed employers who support diversity, inclusion and equality. Gemma tells the story about why she started WORK180 back in 2014 after 10 years in technology as well as the feedback and traction they have had thus far. Gemma also discusses her challenges along the way of being a startup founder as well as some words of advice for other startup founders.

"If only there was a place where women could go where they knew these were the employers that were truly going to support me, and that was where the concept of WORK180 was first born."

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